Propel Advanced SL Wins Outside Editor’s Choice Award!

Monday, 16 October 2023


Earlier this year Outside magazine, along with its sister publication Velo, rounded up the top road bikes of 2023 and put them to the test. Of the 14 finalists, the new Propel Advanced SL won the coveted “Outside Editor’s Choice” award.

Introduced last year, and already ridden to a number of high-profile wins at the Tour de France and other major pro road races, the Propel range includes three series of aero road bikes at various price points. Each is built on a composite frameset that was developed for aero efficiency and a dynamic ride quality that sets it apart from the competition.

Outside reviewed the flagship Propel Advanced SL, with five testers riding it on the roads of Colorado. Going against the other road bike finalists, the Propel quickly emerged as the top performer in the bunch.

“Even without the wind-tunnel testing, it was clear from our first pedal stroke that the Propel Advanced SL is a proper rocketship,” wrote Outside’s lead tester Josh Patterson. “It’s easy to bring up to high speeds and requires less effort to hold them. During group rides, we inadvertently kept riding away from our buddies on non-aero road bikes.”

Weighing just 15.2 pounds and boasting increased pedaling stiffness over the previous generation, the Propel Advanced SL tested by Outside also delivered with impressive acceleration and efficiency.

Beyond the proven aero performance of the Propel, testers were most impressed with how the bike felt on the road: “Perhaps more important to everyday riders is how the Propel feels when going fast—it’s a glorious bike to ride. It’s tangibly light and stiff—not just for an aero bike, but for a good road bike period. The Propel is a wonderful partner on long climbing days and when you feel inspired to attack steep pitches. Sharp stabs at the pedals are rewarded with quick bursts of speed with no hint of delay or hesitation.”

Summing it up, Outside wrote: “If you’re the type of roadie that wants to go fast without giving up much in the way of other performance aspects—such as comfort and handling—the Propel is an incredible machine.”

For more, check out the story on the Outside website or read the full long-term review on Velo. 

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